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i’m a poet and writer interested in words that reach out honestly for core conditions that help all humans, that offer such conditions, to help us find, make, a benign environment for growth for all, serious and fun

i’m especially interested in poetry, literature, film, theatre, music, art, wisdom, counselling

further down this page you’ll find  a link to a page for my (hopefully) forthcoming collection a staff of asklepios and also excerpt from my blog of my three most recent posts and another link to blog’s page.

30 October 2018 – blog schedule – after six months of blog posting I’ve reviewed a little and will aim to post each Wednesday and Saturday, at minimum.



My essay, ‘What Attracts me to Poetry’, has been published by Disability Arts Online

Disability Arts Online have been kind enough to publish my article, What Attracts me to Poetry, which was originally suggested by the late Denis Joe O’Driscoll for his own website. The essay includes a handful of previously unpublished poems or unpublished online. My thanks to DAO and Colin Hambrook for this and as the article …

December, Blinded Window

tree shadow plays on the blinded window
branches blown on the wind
airy world now rippling pond
dappled light clear blue almost nothing
trickling cold from December’s lake
endless fascination
treasure in this minute’s type

(c) A. Hurford / K. H-H (8 December 2018)

a staff of asklepios

staff of asklepios A.Hurford

my first collection of poetry
. . . still forthcoming (don’t hold your breath)

there’s an intro to it with excerpts here – Disability Arts Online