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i’m a poet and writer interested in words that reach out honestly for core conditions that help all humans, that offer such conditions, to help us find, make, a benign environment for growth for all, serious and fun

i’m especially interested in poetry, literature, film, theatre, music, art, wisdom, counselling

further down this page you’ll find  a link to a page for my (hopefully) forthcoming collection a staff of asklepios and also excerpt from my blog of my three most recent posts and another link to blog’s page.

January 2019 – blog schedule – i immediately did not keep to the schedule I posted in October, life is a meander, sometimes a motorway at the moment, so I try to publish as and when I can. If i get to late April and have made a year of regular posting i will reblog some of my favourites, that may have been missed when traffic was lower (not that its much more, but am glad to have more followers aboard now).



Night Beat

00:08, late
an owl calls out across this place
silence eats electric hum
beating time’s fleshy rhythm
00:20, no
21, my day
is done

A. H / K. H-H (20th March 2019)

a staff of asklepios

staff of asklepios A.Hurford

my first collection of poetry
. . . still forthcoming (don’t hold your breath)

there’s an intro to it with excerpts here – Disability Arts Online